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KamKalima is an EdTech company dedicated to helping students from the Middle East learn Arabic as a native language. Serving over 61,000 students across 110+ schools in 11 countries, KamKalima has developed an in-house methodology to enhance student success and engagement, positioning itself for further expansion.
Key numbers
conversion rate from trial to paying customers
customer retention YoY
Kamkalima has been growing year over year. Their major growth lever have been monthly webinars for teachers and sales efforts of their team.

However, EdTech is well-known for complex sales pipelines and multiple stakeholders ranging from parents and head teachers to students themselves and school management.

Kamkalima needed to know how to direct limited resources, leverage marketing to shorten sales cycle, and prepare for expansion into new segment, while raising a bridge round.
The Challenge
To address these challenges, we began by aligning the analytics to surface key metrics, ensuring a comprehensive 360-degree view of the business.
  • Reverse Engineering the Sales Funnel: We mapped the prospects’ journey through KamKalima’s ecosystem, attaching metrics to each conversion point. This optimization shortened the sales cycle and improved efficiency.
  • Storytelling for Decision Makers: We highlighted teacher and student stories to humanize the technology. By relating to the goals of every stakeholder, we demonstrated the product's value across all marketing channels: website, sales communications, investor decks, and social media.
Smart Tactics
Our collaboration yielded significant results. KamKalima secured a bridge investment of $450K.

By revamping their analytics, KamKalima uncovered impressive data, enhancing their case for investor communications.
Revamping the website further improved conversions, focusing on benefits for teachers, learners, and school management. KamKalima is now equipped to measure upcoming experiments, transitioning from gut-feeling decisions to data-driven strategies.
  • Focus on Benefits, Not Features:
Founders often take pride in their tech solutions. However, the end user's value lies in the “whole product” solution rather than individual elements and UX.

  • Evolving Value Proposition:
As products evolve, so should their value proposition. Regularly revisiting and refining this core communication is crucial.

  • Data-Driven Decisions for the Full Funnel:
Building a simple dashboard can make a significant difference in understanding what matters. Starting with manual data input in sheets allows for initial tracking and learning. As key metrics become clear, automation can be introduced for deeper analysis.
Lessons Learned
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